the art of matuschka
Abstract Prints

All prints from the Bagit! Gallery and New York Print Gallery are available for $1,250. Measurements are 26 x 32". Because shipping varies, please contact the artist directly at Click here to view all images in the Bagit Gallery.

Abstract Paintings and Rentals

Art Placement and Rentals

Matuschka's colorful pieces lend themselves to commercial spaces, salons, foyers, corporate headquarters, and private collections. Equally attractive and contemporary, these paintings and prints complement both private and public spaces while providing an air of welcoming hospitality. Particularly suitable for individuals and companies with a cutting-edge mentality, the art shown here decorates two floors of Seven Salon Spa located in Stockbridge, Mass.

Matuschka's work, consisting of large scale canvasses and prints, comes in a variety of sizes and may be purchased or rented.

The artist is also available for consultation regarding design, decoration, and the placement of any artwork in your home or office. Please contact for more information. To view more samples of works that are available please visit the Berkshire Gallery and the Bagit! series.

For information on rental and leasing of paintings, please contact Art Rent & Lease or click their logo to the left.

Abstract Prints

Set of 25 postcards from Matuschka's Bagit series.
Postcard size: 5 x 6.5".

Shipping Options

Abstract Prints

Set of 10 prints from Matuschka's Bagit series.
Print size: 9 x 7".

Shipping Options

Contact for more information.


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